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FAA/(PSI/CATS) Testing (Federal Aviation Administration)

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Academic Testing provides FAA computer-based Airman Knowledge Tests for Eastern Kentucky University aviation majors and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. EKU is one of 7 sites in the state that has been certified by the federal government to administer FAA exams. Tests are provided through PSI CATS (Pacific Southwest Instruments Computer Assisted Testing Service). Instant end-of-exam results are available to examinees via a printable score report.  Academic Testing staff *cannot* provide duplicates of the score report.

PLEASE NOTE: Examinees must be registered with both the EKU Office of Academic Testing and PSI CATS and have the exam paid for at least 24 hours prior to the exam date.

Procedures for EKU Students:

  1. Complete three practice tests for the specific exam you desire to take with a score of 90% or above.  These can be completed on the Cessna Training website, Sporty’s Study Buddy, or Shephard Air.
  2. Present your practice test scores to your ground or flight instructor for an endorsement to take the test. 
  3. If taking the exam on campus, go to the EKU Office of Academic Testing website and choose a date for your examination. 
  4. If the available dates do not meet your timeline/schedule, then you are required to submit an ‘exemption request’ to take the exam at another testing site.  You shall request an exemption via an email to the Retention and Records official, Sara Sims (  The subject line of the email shall be “Request for private/instrument/commercial/CFI exam exemption – your name”.  .  Your email must provide the location of the facility that you are planning to take the exam and the date of the exam. You are required to provide proof of your exam results within 24 hours in order to receive compensation for the exam. 


  1. Other facilities might charge a higher fee than EKU’s testing center.  *refunds will not be issued for students who did not obtain prior permission to test outside of EKU*
  2. If you are taking the exam at remote site – you are required to complete all of the remaining steps outlined below.   
  3. Complete the online “EKU Aviation FAA Written Exam Registration Form” (Obtained by emailed request from Sara Sims)  and email the form  to a minimum of  two business days before the test date.  It is critical that you use the exact name and address that are printed on your photo ID.
  4. The Flight Training office, located in the EKU Flight Training Center will call the CATS center and register  you for the exam (and pay the fee) based on the information you provided.  The fee to pay for your first exam was included in the ground course fee.  The fee to take any additional exams will be charged to your aviation account ($160 at EKU, or the cost of the exam at other facilities).  If funds aren’t available in your account, a bill will be created for your EKU student account.
  5. Once registered you will receive a confirmation email from PSI CATS. 
  6. If you elect to not take the exam, you must call PSI CATS and cancel/reschedule the exam at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled time.  If you do not show up for your exam, you will forfeit the $160 testing fee.
  7. On the day of the exam arrive at the testing center 30 minutes prior to  your start time in order to complete additional registration requirements. 
  8. Bring your photo ID, required endorsement, and any FAA approved materials. 
  9. If retesting, bring failed exam with instructor signature
  10. After you complete the exam, bring the results to Flight Training office within 24 hours.  Quality scanned copies are acceptable.  Don’t lose the original!


Procedures for Non-EKU Students:

  • Obtain an authorization to test, if applicable.
  • Schedule a test date by visiting the Office of Academic Testing in the Whitlock Building, Room 340 or by calling (859) 622-1281.
  • Testing Fee:  $160.  Non-EKU students will be required to provide personal credit card information when registering. The $160 examination fee also applies to re-tests.

Fall 2019 Test Dates (*by appointment only)

Wednesday, 8/21 9:00 a.m. Whitlock 340 (enter 347)
Thursday, 9/5 9:00 a.m. Whitlock 340 (enter 347)
Wednesday, 9/18 9:00 a.m. Whitlock 340 (enter 347)
Wednesday 10/23 9:00 a.m. Whitlock 340 (enter 347)
Monday 11/4 9:00 a.m. Whitlock 340 (enter 347)
Thursday 11/21 9:00 a.m. Whitlock 340 (enter 347)
Friday 12/6 9:00 a.m. Whitlock 340 (enter 347)

On Test Day:

    • Present current identification that includes photo, signature, date of birth, and physical/residential address.  Acceptable forms of I.D. for U.S. citizens:  driver's license, government I.D. card, and/or military I.D. card, passport, OR alien residence card.  Please note:  If passport does not include residential address, examinee must submit an additional document which shows residential address, such as utility bill, lease agreement, etc.  Acceptable forms of I.D. for non U.S. citizens:  Must include a passport AND one or more of the following:  driver's license issued by a state or U.S. territory, OR identification card issued by any government entity and printed in English.
    • Present flight instructor/ground instructor authorization to test, if applicable.
    • Present failed or expired knowledge exam report with instructor signature that verifies the student is ready to retest,  if applicable.
    • Personal possessions are not allowed in the Testing Center (no cell phones, writing instruments, or any type of device with text or video recording capabilities).
    • Bring only FAA authorized test materials, which includes calculators (with no stored memory), rulers, straight edges, scales, conversion tables, navigation computers (E6B or electronic version without stored memory), Nav Log sheets, protractors, or plotters.       

                                   Testing Center Location

                                   Whitlock Building

                                   Room 340; Enter through room 347   

                                   (859) 622-1281

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