Proctoring Services

Online Students:

Eastern Kentucky University uses Examity proctoring services to provide students with a secure, cost-effective way to complete course exams, as well as long-distance placement testing.


  • Allows EKU students to take online exams whenever it's convenient, wherever they are.
  • Gives future EKU students the opportunity to take placement testing for admissions or for course placement, wherever they may be in the world.
  • Uses software that works on most any computer.  All students need is Internet access, a webcam, a microphone and a valid form of picture ID.
  • Provides students and faculty with 24-hour tech support over the phone, through email or via live chat.

The sign-up process is simple and Examity may be accessed through EKU Blackboard-no need to remember another login and password!  Please speak to your course instructor for more information on Examity proctoring, or contact the Office of Academic Testing at .

FEES:  Examity fees vary based on the level of security an instructor requests for an exam:

  • Level 0 - Authentication only=$10 per student, per exam for the first hour ($1 per each additional hour)
  • Level 1 - Record all tests, review a random sample of tests, authentication - $12.50 per student, per exam ($3 per each additional hour)
  • Level 2 - Record all tests, review all tests, authentication - $15 per student, per exam ($5 per each additional hour)
  • Level 3 - Live proctoring, authentication, record session - $17.50 per student, per exam ($7 per each additional hour)

On-campus Students:

EKU Academic Testing provides exam-proctoring services, based on staff availability, on the Richmond campus to:

  1. Current EKU students enrolled in correspondence courses at other institutions.
  2. Local students enrolled in homeschooling programs.
  3. Students enrolled at other educational institutions who need proctoring services.

FEES:  Proctoring fee is $30.00 per two-hour block

Appointment Times:  On-campus proctoring is available by appointment only and is based on staff availability and length of exam.

ID Requirements:  A current and valid state or government-issued photo identification is required (e.g., driver's license or passport).  Examinee will not be permitted to test without an ID.

Please contact your home institution to designate EKU as your proctoring site.  Once your institution has approved and confirmed EKU as the proctoring site, please contact the Office of Academic Testing (859) 622-1281 to set up a testing appointment.  Your college may send the exam(s) directly to us via e-mail, fax, or postal mail.  Exam packets sent postal mail should include an addressed stamped envelope for the return of the exam.  The exam packet should also include instructions for the proctor and any forms to be completed and returned to the institution.

Mailing Address:

Eastern Kentucky University

Office of Academic Testing

521 Lancaster Avenue

Whitlock CPO 64

Richmond, KY 40475

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